What is Foodport?
Foodport specializes in packaged wholesome meals. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual, we aim to be your go-to service for food at work.

How are we going to go about it?
For Businesses: Flexible meal plans based on contracts, or order for your events and gatherings. Customizable menus, delicious food, and surprisingly great service.
For Individuals: Order from our daily menu through our website, or take up a contract with us for hassle-free food every day.

Why another Dabba service?
We feel that there is a need for hygienic, everyday food and there isn’t a professional service we found that fit the bill. We formed this company to change the way you eat food at work.

How are we different from other services?
Our team has vast experience in the food industry and has served various leading multi-national clients. Our expertise in the domain of food and technology is a perfect mix for being a market disruptor.

 What kind of food will we serve?
We will serve regional Indian, Oriental and Continental cuisines. We will offer 3 separate meals a day – breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

  Anything else?
Read our blog for what’s going inside Foodport. You can also enter your email in the box so we can keep you updated on the news and announcements. And lastly, if you’re feeling generous – you can share this page on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to help spread the word.

Yours, the foodport team