How to make Butter From Curd in Mixer
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How To Make Butter From Curd in Mixer – Step By Step Process

The word Butter brings lots and lots of drooling all over our mouth, and when it comes to cooking Butter, trust me, the process is very simple. If you have noticed, Butter has a thick texture and can be formed into both block and liquid-form. Mostly when we make Butter at home, we generally prefer making it from cream. But it is very homely cooking Butter from curd. The steps to make Butter from both curd and cream are almost similar and very easy. We also call Butter as Makhan and mainly use it applying on rotis, chapatis, and much more. Follow the steps below, and you will easily be able to make restaurant-style Butter from curd at home. 

How To Make Butter From Curd in Mixer?

Step 1. 

Take the mixer jar and add curd in it.

Step 2. 

If you are adding 2/ 3 cups of water, then take 1/3rd proportion of water into the mixer. Make sure you add chilled water into the mixer.

Step 3. 

Turn the mixer on and off frequently till you get the mixer clean from above. Once you notice curd not sticking the mixer, you can check the curd now.

Step 4. 

Again turn the mixer on and off for at least five times. Now open the lid and segregate the thick blocks and the water like mixture.


Remember, you always have to take out the Butter with your hand and not spoon or any weapon. Please take out the thick Butter from the mixer jar and store it in an air-tight container. 

(The Butter you save can also be used to make ghee.)

Step 5.

The water-like mixture is buttermilk, which you can consume directly with or without adding any spices


If you have a problem while removing Butter from the jar, then you can add chilled water again into the mixer. 

This is the simplest and easiest way to make Butter from curd, and you can follow this process daily also. Use Butter for regular cooking and even serve them on Parathas. You will notice the Butter will come out pure white and clean. 


  • The homemade Butter from curd is pure and fresh.
  • It can be stored and used in every cooking dish. 
  • The Butter has a thick consistency.
  • It can be made quickly. 
  • Best Companion for your Parathas.
  • It Has 0 added chemicals in homemade Butter.
  • It is naturally made for healthy living.

Isn’t it super easy and fun? You can make Butter every day at home without any struggle. You can store the day to day curd in your refrigerator and make Butter at once. Also, it is preferable to make ghee directly from the malai if your end goal is making ghee from Butter. Similarly, you can make Butter from cream also. People generally prefer to make Butter from cream as the final outcome is similar to what we get outside, Thick, Yellowish, durable, and less fluffy. I hope this article would have helped you, and you’ll also make Butter at home from the curd in a mixer. I will soon be back with another fantastic and super easy article. Till then, keep cooking. Keep eating!

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